January 3, 2008

After all the money spent, is there still no clear choice?

We here in the midwest are in the dog days of winter. It snows each day now and the temperatures are downright brutal. It's great days for the skiers in the area, they get to slide on the real stuff not the machine made kind of snow, but they must love it because when you're moving down that hill at a pretty good speed and the cold temperatures are enhanced by the wind factor it is reallllly cold. Not for me, but bless the skiers.

For me it is crank up the snow blower and clear my drive way time and then back in the warm house and into a book, or perhaps, or probably onto the computer. A nice, hot cup of new brewed coffee would hit the spot, and depending if I am dieting or not, a dessert of choice would be the topper.

Today is the Iowa caucus day, so that will be interesting later on tonight to listen to the talking heads trying to make sense out of what just occurred. If the pundits are right the day will end up with the top tier of candidates bunched together. Now isn't that a heck of a thing. After spending twenty six kajillion bucks they're just where they started, still trying to convince the people of Iowa this time, the rest of us later, that they each have the magic to lead us unscathed through the days ahead. I guess it's still a work in progress.

The goodwife is reminding me that she would like me to accompany her on a shopping trip. She has several gift certificates, now called gift cards, to redeem. I will of course because I like to make the goodwife happy and also it's a fifty-fifty chance that I might run across a place to relax and partake of a nice cup of coffee and a carefully selected yummy confection. So until next time from the heart of the country, have a safe and healthy day.

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