January 13, 2008

I just purchased a new computer. That's the easy part. Now I must ponder the right way to transfer what I want from the old into the new. There is the old fashioned way I guess, pick and choose what to transfer, but that seems like it would take a very long time. Then there is something called Windows Easy Transfer. It seems like I have to purchase a specific cable and attach the old computer to the new computer, pick what I want to transfer from a menu of sorts, and let it fly. There is the expense of the cable, but this seems like the way to do it. It transfers email, bookmarks, and all the other stuff in a pretty short time, it says.

I'm excited about the new machine, it has a 500 GB hard drive, and this is going to be great, a 2GB memory. I currently have a 256MB ram. I should be able to see the difference in the response quite handily I think. Oh and a 20" flat screen, is that cool or what.

It won't get here for a few more days, so the wife and I have time to plan our change-over so hopefully it all gets done expeditiously and correctly the first time. If that happens it would be the first time everything went exactly as planned, but why not, maybe this will be that time.

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