January 22, 2008

Did you watch any of the debate last night in South Carolina? I watched some of it, and they really went at it and each other. Have you decided on whom you would vote for? I really don't know who I will select. One good thing is there is no one I really dislike. I like all three of the democrats and a couple of the republicans. Huckabee is the most likeable to me, but we don't really pick a president that is most likeable, do we? If we select Hillary, what will they do with ex prez Bill? He won't go home, wherever that is. But we will get two for the price of one. I like Obama because I really think he is the one that can most claim the term change. I also like Edwards because I am from a blue collar family and he most espouses the working mans concerns. McCain is running his last campaign and I like him also, except perhaps he wants to extend the war for a hundred more years if necessary. I don't know how much of that is hyperbole, but I worry about it. Romney is the one I know least about, other than he is a successful business man and uber successful at whatever he does. I don't really worry about his religious affliliations. Do you? I though John Kennedy put that to rest when he made his speech about religion in the sixties.

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Leslie said...

I voted for Huckabee in the primaries; he's the only Republican I like and I'm a Republican! I do NOT like Hillary at all, but it looks like Obama's going to win anyway. It also looks like McCain will win, which means I will most likely be voting for the Democrat this year.