January 23, 2008

I scanned an article in the latest issue of Harpers that asked the question, do we read as much as we used to? As I recall the article they say American reading topped out at around 1950, and from there on it has gone downward.

I myself don't read as much as I used to for a very good reason. We have added the Internet into our lives, and also have benefited from the invention of the remote control for our televisions. Both of which have added to our impatience in reading, and watching. We seem to want our entertainment and news in chunks, or as they call them news bites. Books take an investment of time and endurance. I read somewhere recently that reading a book is getting into the authors head, his thinking.

What is more beneficial to me, the book or the fast Internet and/or channel switching. Who knows. Not me that's for sure. I like them all a lot. I still love reading as much as I ever have, I just have to allot time in the late evening or in bed before I fall asleep to read. It takes me longer to read a book and I am surely more selective in my choices. I thank God for having a great library nearby.

Whichever you choose as your favorite delivery system of information you will be better off than you would be if you did not take advantage of any of them.


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