September 10, 2010

Cancer Journal continued

A little catch up. It's been a while and Hazel is very glad to relate that there is nothing frightening or alarming to report. Indeed, the news is decidedly optimistic. The Arimidex regimen continues. She is tolerating it well. There are side effects, but that is to be expected. None of which are intolerable. She has an omnipresent slight nausea and a feeling of overall tiredness. Her old friend hot flash is back. She was so grateful when flash ran its course several years ago when she was going through menopause. But no, flash is back. Be prepared for him.

One piece of advice that she imparts is the selection of an oncologist. Don't just randomly pick one out of the phone book. Please if you have any sources who might be of help here, take it. This person you select to make the journey with you is really quite important. You will have questions and more questions cropping up almost weekly. This person that you select will be your guide who will answer all your million questions that will arise. If you have chosen correctly there will be no question that he cannot answer. If the medical person you are using as an oncologist cannot answer a question or makes a statement like, "I've never heard of that", you may have picked the wrong person. Your oncologist should be learned and current. You should be comfortable with your choice. After all you and this doctor are going to share and perhaps make decisions that could effect the length and quality of your life.


Bill Crider said...

Always glad to hear good news!

Melissa said...

So glad to hear there is good to report.