January 2, 2008


Well it's only about three hundred days until we make our decision about who will guide us through the next four years. Iowans are about to line up at the first primary, they call it a caucus, of the election year.

I have no idea yet who I would like to see get inaugurated next January, but I have a few people who I think are better qualifed. My favorite democrat is Joe Biden.

He has about as much of a chance as Ron Paul does, but I have seen him on innumerable talk shows on Sundays and he always is well informed about foreign affairs. He has years of experience and when moderators pull out their video tapes to check them against what Biden has said on a subject, he more often than not is on target with his evaluations. That is very important to me.

He knows all the players since he's been around so long. But his poll numbers have never exceeded single digits I don't believe. He's smart, also important. He may expound too long on a subject, but maybe he has a lot to say.

Whatever, as Roseann Roseann a dana the character on laugh-in used to say, he's the one I would like to see win, but maybe I will have to get a second choice ready. I certainly have enough time to think on it.

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