May 23, 2007

Wouldn't it make a good story if someone would write a book or make a tv movie about Arthur Godfrey. He was so popular and omnipresent in the fifties. He seemed such a nice guy, but I read where he wasn't all that nice.

I made this observaton a year or two ago, and I still stand by my thought. I would like to see a tv movie, documentary, or book put out about the old redhead. It seems to me watching him on television on his many shows for many years that there certainly is the raw material. We find out that he was a petty dictator over his hired talent and would threaten them with expulsion from the charmed circle if they angered him in any way. This is what I read, true? I don't know. Fame is such a fleeting thing these days that perhaps people don't remember who I'm talking about and too many years have passed to make a project about Godfrey a dicey thing to try. Just a thought.

He was a salesman. He was one of those guys who could sell ice to an eskimo. Watch him sell.

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