May 24, 2007

Three impressions from three consecutive days.

Life is a series of unconnected events that somehow merge and seem to make some sense grouped together. It is sometimes our past colliding with now. Before this becomes anymore mystic sounding I will try to explain.

Three days ago I met a 101 year old man (not an everyday occurrence) and his wife. He is a Brit; and his wife, not that old, was born into a missionary family in Iraq in the forties. I sat and listened to them, and asked a lot of questions very quickly and had one of the best times I've had in a long time. It was inspiring and thought provoking and made me realize that lives are what you make of them. These two people were privileged to meet and mingle with some very well know people.

While dining out two days ago, we were interrupted by two people wanting to know if I was who I was and did I remember them. It took a moment but I recognized them as former clients of mine and we shared a human moment of reestablishing a connection. The point was they remember me from a time past and wanted to say hello again. To me this is humbling and very welcome. It means I must have done something right in my past endeavors.

The third thing was the example of things never changing. My favorite ball team the Cleveland Indians did their impression last night of the baseball version of the Keystone Kops, or a dozen clowns jumping out of a little car, red noses and all. They are supposedly a contending ball club this year, but underneath all the media hype they are really just our beloved inept gang of guys who sometimes resemble ballplayers. Last night they forgot, again, the basics of the game and were throwing to the wrong bases, forgetting to cover bases, and in general being quite comic. The problem is they are not supposed to be comedians. Oh well, they have the best fans in the world behind them whichever field of endeavor they are working in.

My point, if I have one, is that life is all of these things. Unconnected events that coalesce into moments that compose a lifetime, an enjoyable trip.

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