May 22, 2007

Was browsing this morning and came across this picture of a chemistry set that I am sure was under many Christmas trees in years past. But I was struck first by the hyperbole of the ad. It sounds downright lethal. It says on one hand you can construct things atomic, yet it is indeed safe. It looks like it was a product of a ad man's most outrageous adjectives list outtakes that somehow got presented inadvertently to the client toy company and they loved it. When I was growing up I believe every boy asked for a chemistry set at Christmastime or for a birthday, and I bet it was soon neglected and eventually thrown away pretty much unused. I remember mine ended up gone one day in one of my Mothers 'clean up and throw anything out that is not screwed to the floor'days. I remember making some kind of a stink bomb....well thinking back maybe that's why it ended up in the throw away pile.

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