May 21, 2007

Andy Griffith describing the game of football, as we watch some of the most violent hits they could assemble. I think the manufacturers of the equipment worn by the players these days should be given a medal. If they didn't have the helmets and other assorted pads to protect themselves, I swear you'd see their heads rolling around on the field independent of their bodies. The clip is about five minutes long and is funny in an innocent kind of way. The way comedians don't seem to want to practice these days. I miss the old comedians that extended their careers when they moved from vaudeville to the Catskills to early television. They used to just stand there in suits (mostly) and say funny things, except of course Gallagher who smashed watermelons on stage and all over nearby fans. And then there was Henny Youngman who kept asking us to 'take my wife, please". I heard it a hundred times and chuckled everytime.

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