September 29, 2011

Luther, grim fare.

Watched LUTHER on the BBCA network last night. The review warned that it was a dark episode. Indeed it was. We watched Luther last season and liked it a lot. It arrives in our area at ten o'clock just before we are thinking of giving it up for the evening and heading to bed. Bad decision on our part. Luther was especially dark last night as we were pre-warned and it is not advisable for pre-bed fare. We did and I am afraid we decided to swear off of Luther. For those of you who like dark, grim, realism tune in. For me I must bid fond adieu to Luther and his band of chilling psycho's. At my age I prefer a little happier TV that would perhaps send me smiling and in a better frame of mind as I fall asleep.

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Hazel said...

That was definitely one of the darkest shows we've seen, I like the Brit shows, but this one almost made our American "crime" shows seem warm and fuzzy!

My hair is still standing on end! :O

The wife