April 7, 2011

Tribe baseball fantasies

Joy abounds in northern Ohio. The Cleveland Indians have started the baseball season with a 4-2 record. They have finished a series against the Boston Red Sox winning 3 out of 3 to sweep the series.

Hazel and I ate out tonight and the topic of conversation among most of the old crowd joining in bowls of Goulash were How about those Indians. Now Boston of course will correct their course and start smashing one team after another probably on their way to the post season, and maybe even the world series. They are that good, but for the Indians this is big big big. Boston has not started out this bad since the 1945 season. Don't despair bosox nation, they will be where they are expected to be by May.

But for Cleveland fans we have had nothing to cheer about or even fool ourselves that things will be better for a long time now. We are all relishing this baseball version of a mirage, what we think is there is not, but I don't care. For now I love it.
Maybe tomorrow the bottom will fall out of our spring madness, but for now it's great fun. Go Tribe.

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