April 8, 2011

Travels with Charley

Old Mr. Steinbeck is sure in trouble now. A whistle blower in a quest for honesty in the literary world has set the record straight. He has matched each location with journal entries and found them not correct, thus Mr. Steinbeck is what? Is he a fraud, a user of someone else's words, a plagiarist? No, he doesn't say that. He says that he made up conversations, and/or situations for some unknown reasons thus it is an illegitimate journal and makes Steinbeck a charlatan maybe. The book in question is Travels with Charley

In my opinion anyone who could write like Steinbeck could in GRAPES OF WRATH, deserves better than having his work questioned for legitimacy of some sort. If my timeline is right a man named Truman Capote wrote a non-fiction book and enhanced it with fictional parts maybe four or five years later and called it a non-fiction novel. Perhaps if Steinbeck or his publishers had used that term all would be right. Oh well, tempest in a tea pot I guess.

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