November 12, 2010

Well done daughter

A public word of praise for my daughter. A bit of background is necessary. She and her husband have one son two years old. They now also have a newborn second son. The husband has landed a new job in Washington D.C. that keeps him there most of the time and my daughter is at home in New York to care for the little people, and try as well as she can to prepare for the move in just a few weeks. Her mother-in-law helps out when she can, and her mother and I spent several days there recently helping to do the mundane things that have to be handled in the home, while she handled the newborn and the two year old. Motherhood does not come natural to every woman, but I must tell her that her mother and I were impressed with her patience and ability to slow time down when she has to attend to a another dirty diaper which seemed to me, the grandpa, to being generated at a record setting clip.

She is not able yet, which is normal, to know that one day when she has time to reflect back that these next years will be remembered as the happiest time of her life.

Try to remember daughter when Ewan generates another one of those dirty diapers he is just adding one more happy memory for mama to smile about in twenty years or so.

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