November 12, 2010

Memories can make her anyone's grandmother

Memories are wonderful things. Photographs can evoke moments in our far past. This photo is from The memory it evokes is of Hazel's grandmother, an immigrant from Switzerland. The family lived in New Jersey and through time several family members broke off and moved to Ohio. Grandmother was one of them. On occasions she would take a trip back to New Jersey to visit her relatives. On one such time Grandma was put on the train by her son at the local railroad station. She found her seat and started to put her coat on the overhead rack and settle in with her luggage and such. She became so engrossed in the exercise she was completely oblivious to the fact that the train had started moving and the family was standing and waving and yelling goodbye as the train moved farther and farther down the tracks. Hazel remembered this all her life in good humor. She wondered how far toward New Jersey she got before she realized that the family had left to return home. Speculation is fun, but memories mixed with love is sublime.

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