October 6, 2010

Spaghetti Taco with Italian sausage and peppers

I was perusing the NY Times this morning and came across this little article that caught my attention. Why did it catch my attention? because it was talking about food. Now this food is a little different. It does not come from any famous chef, but from evidently a kid's tv show. The recipe was for a spaghetti taco which didn't exactly bowl me over. But this recipe kind of made my taste buds quiver just a little. I have not presented it yet to my wife who rules the kitchen, a right she has earned by turning out 'good stuff' for a lot of years, but I'm gearing myself up to do just that. I expect a response like 'has senility set in this morning?' said in a kindly way of course.

But really it sounds good to me and could all these kids be wrong. Well yes I suppose so, but here it is. Decide for yourself.

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