October 22, 2010

Man Cave

Hazel and I frequently watch HGTV to see the people haggle with each other and the realtor about why this house or that house just will not do. I am especially happy to see the kids that are just out of kindergarten make their criticisms a matter of public record. It's usually something like needing an extra bedroom for Spoofy the family dog to keep his dog bones or something of the sort. Another one that is new to me is the need for the man or boy of the house to have a 'man cave' so he and his buds can have somewhere to watch some sporting event and I guess throw things on the floor or whatever you do in a cave.

Anyways, I decided I should have a man cave also. I'm 73 years old and maybe that's a little too old for a full fledged cave, but maybe just an area off to the side in a room that has access to the television.

I now have one, and here it is. It is a little different from the young mans man cave, mine is open and on the same floor where Hazel holds sway. It is also open and accessible just in case I get too excited watching the Indians or Browns or the Cavs lose another game, and in case I really get too excited it has free access for the rescue squad to cart me off to the emergency room. An accommodation the young people on HGTV don't have to worry about.

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Hazel :-) said...

A man cave without the most important item.......THE REMOTE !? :O