September 17, 2010

Ya Gotta Love Em

Ya gotta love em. The Indians managed to stay even with the Angels through nine. Top of the tenth the Angels do not score. Bottom of the tenth the Indians get a double and he is moved over to third on a fielders choice. One more out makes it two out man on third, up come Duncan who in recent games has come away a hero with a couple home runs which now causes a few ripples of expectation to go through the small assembly of folks remaining in the stands.

After a few pitches Duncan makes contact with the ball and it bounces undramatically toward shortstop; the crowd deflates. The shortstop charges the bouncing ball, picks it up and my Lord, he drops it.

Duncan speeds to first and the man on third dashes in from third and scores. The Indians win, they win, they win.

Duncan knowing that tonight he was one lucky so and so heads for the dugout, but the Indians young and hungry for victories grab him and start beating on him and jumping on him and each other. You gotta love it, they are all so young and so full of hope and desire to win. I loved it. So what they're close to ninety losses, it's baseball in Cleveland. Our team is full of kids who want so much to win that maybe if we believe with them anything might happen.

Forget about Scrooge Mcbaseballowner counting his money and figuring who else he can give away. Enjoy the kids giving their all and sometimes like last night coming away looking like pennant chasers. Another day, another dream who knows.

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