September 20, 2010

A bad photograph of a Praying Mantis and a follow-up photo of his New York Hi-Jinks

I'm not much of a photographer nor am I a great fan of wildlife. Last night I opened my inner door and there at eye level on my glass storm door is a very large praying mantis that had decided to rest for a while and I presume to make a meal of the multitudes of those flying insects my light attracts on these summer evenings. Not that I am in fear of my life from this creature, but let's say I wouldn't want him joining me for breakfast. Anything with a angular shaped green face I presume is on a specialty diet anyway.

So anyway I took a few shots with my trusty brownie and if I tell you that this is the best of my futile attempts of getting one decent shot you would probably suggest that as long as I don't do this for a living I'm o.k. That's it from the wild kingdom.

For any of you out there who are worried about the health and outcome of the mantis, perhaps the SPCA would be one, I can assure you that he left Ohio in one piece and in fact was photographed again by the paparazzi in New York engaging in after hours hijinks. He seemed to doing well indeed.

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