August 9, 2010

How to Blather

Main Entry: blather
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: talk a lot
Synonyms: babble, blither, chatter, nonsense, prattle
The best definition sometimes is a visual example. I will provide that with this bit of prattle, blather, nonsense I created this morning. Sometimes I wonder as I did today, if our body is composed of ninety percent water, the other ten percent must surely then be baloney. In creating my example of blather the words seemed to flow. Perhaps I am divulging something that I most certainly know, that I have more than the allotted ten percent of baloney. Here then is my contribution of an example of blather.


good decisions, bad decisions, and the knowledge you can't go back and keep trying until you get it right. when do we learn or do we ever learn to do right the first time. must we put our hand in the fire to know that it will burn? just knowing that an action will unalterably be followed by ineradicable etching in the deep depths of your brain seems not to be reason enough to alter a behavior. Much to our detriment as one of God's foolish creations a word and the sure knowledge that two will follow one we seem eager to hoard our iniquities and suffer them regardless piling up body after body misdeed after misdeed until only death itself will be adequate to clean the slate that is our brain with the clean air of innocence.

Main Entry: blather

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