August 7, 2010


Bittersweet, that moment when the present is intertwined with the past. After pouring your cup of coffee and turning the morning paper to that section that is required reading for those of us at a certain age; not necessarily expecting a familiar name, but then again not surprised when you do. When our age corresponds with the actuary tables why should we be surprised. Early on in life if I saw a name of a fellow employee or an acquaintance I would pay my respects and sympathize with his or her bad luck. Recently though a new wrinkle in the macabre world of chance is occurring.

I am reading obits that immediately takes my mind on a bittersweet trip back to my childhood. Theirs and mine. I am losing those who shared my childhood and childhood thoughts. Bitter, or course, as normal sadness, but immediately on the heels comes the sweet memories of a shared childhood. Memories that were always there, but now brought back to be renewed and thought about again before I wish my playmates of long ago a pleasant eternity. Who knows, maybe those moments we shared on the ball fields or riding along country roads carefree and mostly happy in our moments together we may share again someday.

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