August 10, 2010

Hoover, oh how much I don't know.

Boy oh boy everyday I live, I become more convinced that I am so ignorant about so many things. It's kind of scary. Why I wonder, well a large reason is lack of taking it upon myself to investigate people and events in our past history. Also pure laziness I'm guessing; You think?

My readings include the magazine HARPER'S, and an essay entitled BARACK HOOVER OBAMA, by Kevin Baker. Printed in the July 2009 issue.

Leaving out the comparisons of Hoover and Obama and their times, I will leave that to you to analyze. What I want to remark on is my actual knowledge of the man Hoover, the problems he faced, and what looks like a similar fate for the two presidents. This man Hoover started out poor, being raised by a relative until he was taken out of public school and put to work for his uncle. Earned everything he had; had liberal ideas that were supposedly similar to the New Deal of Roosevelt; It is a very interesting read. I was angry after I read it. Angry because for all my years I have blamed him for being a do nothing, rich boy, uncaring caretaker president. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

The judgment that Obama's fate seems to correspond to Hoover's is troubling, but politicians are what they are, not much.

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