January 9, 2010


On a previous post, I spoke of finding to my great delight that my super market stocks MALLOMAR cookies. As a sort of update I must tell you I have finished consuming the entire box and thought I would pass along box text about the cookie.

Mallomars were created by Nabisco in 1913 and first sold to a grocer in West Hoboken NJ. The metropolitan New York City area boasts the most loyal Mallomars fans. More than 70% of all Mallomars sales are generated in the shadow of the Big Apple.

I love them still, but I must tell you my love will have to be shared now with a johnny come lately product that is very very similar to the Mallomar. It is Pin Wheels also made by Nabisco. I will have to buy a bag of Pin Wheels next time we're at the store and make a completely unbiased comparison, but I am sort of reluctant to say I think the new cookies I think will win. Ah so sad, but no, now I can have two great cookies to choose from.

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