January 6, 2010


I remember it well. One day it was the neighborhood gang of boys who were at the center of every activity that boys can think of. There was sports of course, baseball specifically, bicycle riding, comic book trading, soda pop swilling, and every other thing under the sun from dawn till darkness. It was filled with male companionship and the world was good. And then...

One day everything changed. The neighborhood gang didn't know what happened. All of the sudden it was one member short. I had discovered that girl. What exactly was it about her? Granted she was much better looking than the gang. She never threw out an ultimatum, the gang or me, but it was no contest, she won hands down. Like all boys I found the non-boy who I wanted to be with as much as possible. She was not as certain about me though. In those days going steady was a passage we went through, and steady with me was not something she was too certain about. Breaking up though was not something that deterred me for long. In that contest I prevailed and that slim young girl has been with me now for over fifty-four years. She still is as good looking as she was in the days when I left the neighborhood gang as all boys invariably do, and even though I remember the gang warmly, it was indeed no contest.

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