May 14, 2009

MR. PRESIDENT, Stop the war and bring the people home. Live up to your campaign promise.

Refresh my memory please. Why are we still in Iraq and the new main attraction Afghanistan? Is it to collect information and keep track of the goings on over there? Is it to bring them around to our way of thinking and dealing with the world? Is it to capture and eliminate Bin Laden? Is it to obtain franchise rights for McDonalds? Whatever, there must certainly be more twenty-first century ways to assemble intelligence. Certainly we really don't believe that we are ever in all of our lifetimes going to change their way of thinking. They still live in tribes and defend their hunk of the mountain, and/or desert. Why then do we want to get involved deeper into that morass? I believe it is time to crank up our satellites and other spy networks and bring the men and women home. I do believe that President Obama got elected on that issue, why has he forgotten why we cast our ballots not six months ago?

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