May 14, 2009

I'm not sure what category the following should fall under? Several that I can think of quickly. One would be televisions quest for profits regardless of merit; censorship, good or bad or just absolutely none under any circumstances; class or lack of; American childhood, is it obsolete? should we have only one age category, and divulge everything as soon as possible to everyone, age no barrier. Children of nine or ten years old should be able to absorb any information they receive from their television set in their own living rooms. After all can't kids of ten master the computer. Childhood and the innocence it brings with it is overblown, get rid of it. Where is this rant going? What is he talking about?

Erectall, or instant penis growth, or whatever it's called has now been deemed a legitimate health product by television executives. So now it can be hustled on television at any hour of the day, alongside other sex aids with the actors smiling or leering out to TV land, proclaiming their newly discovered secret. It offends me in so many different ways, but mostly in it's irresponsibility in choosing television, that arm of media that is in almost every home in America as its messenger.

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