April 10, 2009

READING:A SWEET PASTIME (a passing thought)

I find reading about as sweet a pastime a person could indulge in. Reading really is a sweet pleasure. It gins up your imagination and you can be taken out of yourself and into the mountains as I was last week when I read a paperback novel about mountain men. It was light, it was good. You have hero's and villains to root for and to hiss at.

1942 was a momentous year, and we all know what happened at Pearl Harbor, but through this new novel by Robert Conroy I am taken back there and am imagining what it might have been like had the Japanese made another air attack after the blow against our battleships. What would it be like if they had come back and destroyed the oil resources? It would have crippled the U.S. Navy's capabilities to keep what ships we had left, in the water. Japan conquers Hawaii, what next?

Good stuff, the mind reels with the possibilities before the author even gets us there.

Re-reading a favorite book I find is always a pleasure. I usually pick up a new or different insight on a character or the authors plot. Reading a book that you have liked well enough to give it another go is like returning home after a long trip away, comfortable and friendly.

Maybe a little digression here. I am thinking I could relieve some of my book overcrowding by donating some to my local library to be sold at their monthly book sale. It seems appropriate that as much as I enjoy my library, perhaps knowing someone else may enjoy the books at a next to nothing price seems right. Books are great travelers; as Ernest Hemingway said, a movable feast.

I love books, I have too many of them. As you can see these two bookcases are overcrowded and have turned into sloppy messes. I'll get to that soon, I say to myself.

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