April 9, 2009

I know that this is the start of a television series, I know it's the seventies, I know it's make believe, but look at the clothes the actors are wearing. Is it being unrealistic or did they really dress like that. Everyone is preppy, certainly nothing wrong with that, I liked preppy. I don't want to beat on our current kids but our kids seem to embrace salvation army and prison garb. Economics aside, and our egalitarian tendencies, I present another side. Since high school is the first step in the success ladder, should it not also not be the first step psychologically by trying to look your best, instead of trying to look as grungy as you can get by with.

I know that I'm old and am forgetting that rebellion for rebellion's sake is the norm for kids of that age. But I think that striving for a better life, which includes being better dressed is part of that, and I also know that being happy with targeting the worst instead of the best is a tad perverted and topsy turvy.

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