March 11, 2009


Why am I drawn to these articles about geezers? Because I am one, as some comic might say. As people grow older their physical capabilities become less and less, but they don't want to give up their independence.

If you are in fairly good shape and are fortunate enough to still be at home living among your contemporaries,in a mixed neighborhood of young and old and want to stay there, there may be a way. If your elderly friends have had the best of life and have become skilled in some trade and are suffering the same problem you are, growing old, a plan has surfaced.

The plan is simply exchanging skills such as a retired carpenter who supposedly is still mobile can fix a problem in your home in exchange for me fixing his computer. This article explains it all and overall it makes the point that there are many ways to skin a cat if the carrot at the end is your ability to stay in your home and enjoy your Independence for many more years.

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