March 10, 2009


In the Times this morning the Opinion section handles a few opinions about network television. Is it going to last much longer? I, like many, have for a while now thought that was a mute question, hadn't it died quite a while ago? I seldom watch anything on the networks. The question we used to ask was, 'it's Tuesday night, what's on? and that was a rhetorical question because we knew it was the night for this show and that show at 8, 9 or 10 o'clock. No more, just last night for some strange reason I ask that of my wife and we just looked at each other. Of course, we didn't know. It would get the same response tonight, or tomorrow, there isn't anything on network television. The question is no longer how much longer will it hang around, it died an undocumented death some time ago. RIP.

Here you will find the articles I read on this subject.

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