February 23, 2009

Good shot Bunning. Shows the old sensitivity gene must have gone awol. Well I know those justice openings are important and if you can pick one up for the old conservative side, you can't start campaigning too early can you? As your old baseball pitching days taught you, you gotta be able to fire one at the batters head. Ginsberg looks big enough to stick up for herself, right? Well that's enough from me, but it seems politics prevails as usual no matter what.

(AP) – Sen. Jim Bunning apologized to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for saying he believes she is likely to die in less than a year from pancreatic cancer. The Kentucky Republican said over the weekend that Ginsburg has the type of cancer that is usually fatal within 9 months. In a statement released today, he said that it wasn't his intent to offend Ginsburg with the remarks and apologizes if he did.

Ginsburg returned to the bench today, and Bunning says it is great to see her back at work. The two-term senator's remarks came in the context of discussing the need to push for a conservative judge next time there's an opening, which he expected to happen "very shortly," given Ginsburg's prognosis, the Louisville Courier-Journal reports. Doctors removed a small tumor this month from the 75-year-old Ginsburg.
Source: Associated Press

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