January 3, 2009

My thoughts this morning are running along the lines of little guy (me) versus big government, big business, (them).

I was thinking of the possibility of nationalization of the oil industry by the government and having the government set gasoline prices. That felt good to me for a moment or two, but then as the thoughts were coming around the turn in my brain for the second or third time it occurred to me that I was stepping into that realm of 'a little pregnant',an impossible situation.

The government running any business is more frightening than the greedy capitalists, and where would you stop once you got into the nationalization business? You could, I suppose take over the hamburger stand business, take them over because we their clients were becoming agitated by the size of the burger, throw them out, take over the hamburger stands.

I am visualizing a scene from Evita, oh my it gets worse. So my grand solution for price gouging, the nationalization of the oil industry will go down as a bad idea, too banana republic I think. I like being free, always have. The answer to lower gas prices is cars that don't guzzle it up. Perhaps the car companies that survive will have learned the lesson of GM, Ford and Chrysler, or not. It is a shame though, I hate seeing less manufacturing in the USA.

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