January 3, 2009

HOLY MACKEREL, Nobody told me. Check out this story from Russia. We're breaking up and being dispersed to this and that country or area. I was distressed of course when I read it, but then I saw where my area of the country will be taken over by Canada. Well now, that's not too bad. They speak the same language, I won't have to travel by airplane or ship, that's cool. I think their diet is about the same. I watch some Canadian TV shows and podcasts.

I found all this inside information from MSNBC, and didn't have to rely on the AREA 51 TIMES GAZETTE delivery this morning.

It just occurred to me that a couple friends of mine who live in California will be living in China. I don't think they know the language and are not fans of Chinese food. "Oh my, stuff happens", so they say.

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