December 30, 2007


I'm not a gourmet, nor even a cook. I seldom ever have to cook anything as my wife holds down that job just fine. So for me to be writing anything about food is surprising even to me. But equally surprising to me is that I have developed this craving for coffee (again) after all these years. Sometime many years ago I became turned off on coffee of all kinds for no good reason.
Then came the Starbucks type of coffee which seemed to me to be too much trouble or indeed expense.
Untill recently that is I switched from tea to coffee, satisfied but not completely. I used to drink it black, but this time I took a liking to the coffee creamers ala coffee-mate. But still it was still not right. I took a trip to a coffee shop and bought a few different blends. I seem to have a taste for cinnamon in my blend. Since I settled on Snickerdoodle a blend of columbian coffee and cinnamon and another blend they have called Stickybun. Then I saw on television a commercial for ground coffee put out by Dunkin Doughnuts and happened to run across it in our supermarket. We picked up a pound.
Shaazamm, is that ever good. It's good even without using it as a chaser for the doughnuts. I have tried several pots of this stuff and it is the real thing.
Today my wife came across a post from WebMD saying that now they think coffee is good for you. Can you believe it. It's a marriage of my tastebuds coupling with something that's good for me.

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