December 30, 2007

Back in an old version of THE PUBLIC READER, I had a regular contributor named Jerry Vilhotti who supplied me with stories combining Greek gods or was it Roman gods, and baseball. I really liked them, some I must confess I didn't understand, but Jerry does and I enjoy them regardless. Jerry has sent me a new one hot off the Vilhotti press. Again I don't understand it all, but I still enjoy them. Perhaps he will send some of his baseball and the gods poems to me again. I will post them from time to time if he does.

By Jerry Vilhotti

Almost all the Greek gods thought that Elysium was not located in the Underworld
but on Gaea's once pristine earth in such playing pastures called " Youse
Bums","Aolean Winds" , "Where Polo Horses Frolicked", "Ruth's
House Moved to Hudson River Paid by Barnum's suckers", Black Sox Shoeless
Joe Stadium, Goat Jinx Field, El Busto The Decider's Red Neck Stadium, Endrun River Grounds, Al Burton's Eating Factory Stadium and "The Green Monster" where Zeus found his beloved
Bambino, whose favorite song was "Deep Purple" which he sang to the many
prostitutes he was Zeusing in all the eight towns and suburbs in the junior circuit,
only to have him sold away for a Broadway play entitled "Calla da Moodanda Nanette"
that so angered the great god, beaner of his father Kronus freeing his brothers and sisters
inside the big man's stomach, that he put a curse on the
Beantowners - not allowing them to win another World Serious for many many years
in this thing stolen from mortals who once dyed their bodies blue and then became colluders
with colonies and founding fathers - who owned slaves - that once were part of their
caste empire drowning in the River Styx.

Written by Jerry Vilhotti

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