September 16, 2007

I think television programming is 'the vast wasteland' in spades. I also think some sinister plot is afoot. There doesn't seem to be any writers worth their salt plying their trade in that depository of mediocrity. It's easier and certainly cheaper to just stick a camera on the street or in a persons house and wait for someone to walk by, compile many hours of this, and stick it on the networks as the latest realism show. There are still two things television does well. That is showing sports of all types, I like the baseball games, and running old movies.

But every so often a little show pops up that's fun to watch and is cleverly written. The one I'm leading up to is a Canadian comedy that's been running on Canadian television for four years and has just now made it's way to the U.S. It's titled CORNER GAS. It can be seen on the Chicago station WGN. It's a group of small town people living in the Canadian countryside running a gas station. Exciting huh? But it is the writing by a comedian who is brave enough to retain his own name Brian Butt that makes it fun, clever, and a joy to watch. Take a look, as you can tell I liked it.

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