September 15, 2007

I have taken a little time off contemplating whether to continue or not with the blog. The result of my contemplation is of absolutley no consequence to anyone. That I understand. But the blog never was for anyone else's amusement except as an accidental meeting of eye and/or thought of the days proferred content. It was always, and is, a selfish or personal endeavor that I devote a period of time to each day. A time set aside to direct my endeavors toward something that interests me and of which I have absolutely no problem sharing with anyone else who happens by.

Basically it gets my mind in gear early in the morning when old people seem to rattle around. (a phenomonon that is a medical curiosity, rising when it is still dark or at sunrise when you don't have to. Strange.) I have many things to keep me occupied, but this is a personal intellectual exercise to start my day. If I take too many days off without spinning something off into the digital silt field, I feel at loose ends; so I shall continue.

My relatives who drop in from time to time know that it is not unlike a webcam without the video. If I have updated the blog they know I still breathe.

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Bill Crider said...

I do my blog for the same reason: my own amusement. Which is a good thing, considering the number of readers I have.