September 18, 2007

I found this painting and accompanying article by Mr. Butler. I like Hemingway history. He was almost as big a story as his stories. This seems to fit right in. Find the rest of Mr. Butler's story here:

Hemingway's Greatest Love Was a Painting in the Prado by Ron Butler MADRID, Spain

Author Ernest Hemingway was well known as a hot-tempered brawler, a barroom fighter, horseplayer and a hard drinker. His was a world of bullfights, deep-sea fishing and big-game hunting.So it's difficult to imagine his becoming smitten with a painting on a museum wall of a beautiful woman.Think again.Hemingway's favorite city was Madrid. And one of his favorite hangouts there was the Prado museum."Hemingway loved the Prado," says his biographer A. E. Hotchner. "He entered it as he entered cathedrals."His favorite Prado painting was Andrea del Sarto's Portrait of a Woman. According to Mr. Hotchner, "She was the girl whom he had loved longer than any other woman in his life."

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