September 18, 2007


I like electrical gadgets. I have a vcr, a dvd recorder/player, a computer, (of course,) and a portable cd player, portable dvd player, mp3 player, and now I have an Ipod. I always think that the one I am purchasing is the end to end all and certainly there can't be anything better. There always is, or at least the hype is enough for me to buy in.
I waited a long time justifying to myself the purchase of the ipod. I said I don't want this, then I don't need this, but then being able to download all that free stuff and listen to it in any part of the house and/or take it with me wherever I would go kind of got to me. I liked what I heard about podcasts, and that is what sold me. Now here is what has surprised me a little. I had little or no interest in accumulating music on the little gadget. It said I can put 65,000 or 45,000 or maybe 25,000 songs, anyway a lot on there. (I really have to read my specifications a little closer) Nice, I thought, but so what. Well me being an old duck, three fourths of what I have on the thing is something nostalgic, what else would it be since most of my breathing time is behind me, it follows that most of my thoughts are just that, memories. But surprise to me. I put some music on the thing and went about my fall chores of painting and digging and hoeing, (that's hoe with an ing on the end, not the current joke) and stuck the pods in my ears. Absolutely great. The time went by a lot quicker and easier as each song brought back a moment in time. I actually enjoyed the work. So now I am loading the gizmo up with more songs of my past. It is becoming a virtual time machine dishing up music from the forties to the seventies when I think they stopped writing music and went to drug-spiked lyrics coupled with offending percussive noises. Did my ancestors say the same thing about the music I like? Very probably, they did. Anyway it's my gizmo and I will pick the time warp I want to wallow in.

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