October 14, 2006

While scanning a list of Jerry Seinfeld quips, I came across this one:

Sometimes the road less traveled is less traveled for a reason

That's clever, but also insightful. When you reach a certain age in life the thought must occur to almost all of us, did I make the right decisions when I had to? It did to me again recently. In my case fortunately my moments at those crossroads were few. When I rethought what may or may not have gone on at the moment of my personal decision-making I was satisfied that I probably made the right decision for me. I’m glad though that I had put myself into such a position at those times of decision, for if nothing else it signified to me that I had some control over my destiny for good or naught.

I believe that when we come to that moment of decision we make the right decision helped by an inner voice that knows us best. A no nonsense voice that knows innately the amount of courage we have, or common sense, or actual ability to carry out what we are proposing. It’s got us down cold. Sometimes we role-play within ourselves, but the inner voice has the ability to cut through the hubris or our self-made hyperbole and cut us short.

Some of us will display courage and take the chance and succeed, and those I applaud. The rest of us when we reach that certain age in life and have time to reflect will have made peace with our choices. After all we can’t go back and undo anything, and with most of us, our arthritis or other age related add-ons would make the journey too much for us.

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