June 27, 2006

Oh I'm so, so tired of saying goodbye

As we grow older and the poignant moments of
partings begin to pile up, we learn to accept the
natural order of things.

My lifetime friend and I have endured saying
goodbye to our grandparents, our parents, and sisters.

Now we have said goodbye to the last of our children,
Each one pursuing their dreams at locations
far from their onetime home. It's natural, it's normal,
But damn it gets old.
“Buck up you old fool”, I’m told. “That’s the way
it is”.
Yeah, I suppose it is.

2005 jim kittelberger

1 comment:

krishna said...

I really understand the situation you are in. I have been telling good bye since I am 16 years old. First for higher studies to a different city and then taking up job to a different state and then moving on to different countries. My last painful good bye is to Osaka, Japan after staying there for nearly 2 and half years. Initially felt very painful in adjusting to the place and when leaving had to try hard to stop tears. Thats the way it is. Recently we were blessed with a daughter and we had to keep her in hospital for a day to treat jaundice and I guess my saying good bye to her had already started. Life goes on..........