June 28, 2006

I watched the GRAPES OF WRATH again yesterday. Trying to find a clinker among the cast is impossible to do. They convinced me, they were Okies for sure. If you have never watched a movie and don't know what the story is about, it is about a family of Oklahoma tenent farmers who fell victim to the dust and the great depression, were thrown off the property and hit the road. They were poorer than anyone now days could visualize. This was before FDR and his life saving social programs. They head off to the land of promise, California. Jane Darwell won the best supporting actress award, Henry Fonda was nominated for best actor. John Carradine,the father of the Carradine clan of actors was great as Casy, the preacher who lost his calling, and John Qualen who played Muley early in the film didn't get a mention but I think he should have. Rent the film if you've never seem it, it's a movie you don't want to miss seeing, and thinking about.


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