November 7, 2013

CHOCOLATE potato chips, Oh be still my heart or to be more precise stomach

I do love chocolate, I admit it. Today I am adding to my schedule a pleasurable, I hope, stop at Target's to pick up a package of a new chocolaty delight. Target said the vendor will have them in the store today. I will report on the results {someone has to do it)

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Gwen said...

Hello from Singapore! I stumbled upon your blog searching "Great and Good are seldom the same man" on Google. Poked around the blog a bit and thought, 'hey, this blog is very interesting read and I should bookmark this' but definitely thought to drop a note (and I am more often a stealthy kind of social media person) after seeing this wavy chocolate potato chip post with which I absolutely resonated; I saw this Target ad come up my twitter news feed last month and said "we never get any fun things out here!". So, great blog! And I hope the potato chip was in fact tasty!