July 3, 2013

A way to stay in touch

My Florida son contacted his mom today that he read a little story I wrote some time back. I couldn't remember the story so I went back and found it. My son Mike has a great sense of humor, always has, and he found the story and forwarded this; "it brought some moisture to my organs of sight." Maybe you had to be there as they say. but we love him so we're a good audience. Secondly, Hazel my wife has come in possession of a cell phone and she loves it. She has turned into a pretty fair techie. She loves it because she can keep in touch with her kids (3 grown people through text and pics.) I have no desire to go the cell phone way, but keeping in touch is desirable so I'm thinking about bringing the Reader out of mothballs. I feel kind of excited, I hope this pans out.

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Anonymous said...

GO FOR IT! We miss The Reader.