August 4, 2012

The girls and boys of summer


Try this to enlarge it enough to enjoy what the author has to say

I don't know if these illustrious literary bunch really had a love for the game, but the picture and the article from the New York Times Book section is amusing and they probably could play baseball better than my local favorites the Indians.  Sorry guys, I love you but get real you need more talent at half the positions.  I'll continue watching you and yelling at the television set, but it really is not much fun when all chance of October play is out of reach at the end of July.

So it looks like my favorite nine have decided that playing well for half a season is good enough.  Except for my fav two tribesmen up the middle, Jason Kipnis at second and Michael Brantley out in center the rest can mail it in.  The journeymen they hired as tempo's, Damon and Lowe could not get it cranked up enough and have been sent packing.  Our interests on the north  coast now turn, ahead of its proper season to our football team.  We can brag that our gridiron group is the costliest bunch to play anywhere, one Billion dollars.  They say that the new owner is a hands on kind of guy.  For the amount of bucks he anted up I hope he is.  Lack of money has always been a Cleveland problem whatever the season.


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