June 11, 2012

thinking is sometimes hard

It hurts my head thinking about the health dilemma. If only we could hire someone to think for us and decide what is best for the country. Oh wait, we already do that don't we? It's something called a congress. We voted them in. We picked the best thinkers in the country. Oh jeeze, did we? I certainly don't know what is the right thing to do. But is it conceivable that this finagling with the medicare plan is causing, or has caused all our economic woes? Perhaps the president could just recall all his proposed changes and forget it for a while, and try again another day or year.

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Anonymous said...

I eagerly await new submissions for Food, Wonderful Food, but alas, no new recipies since 1/30/11...and by the way, I do not like to think either, as it makes my head hurt...RBH's left foot