May 10, 2012

Grandma and the pea

Kids and grandma's share likes and dislikes.
One like is presents, under the tree, surprise or no surprise,
big or little.

Today the grandma who hangs around with me received a surprise in the mail from a granddaughter she has lovingly
christened sweet pea.  Why?  Maybe grandma's and granddaughters know.

But excited the gma was.  You'd of thought it was Christmas all over again.  She liked the present well enough, but when she discovered it contained a surprise buried deep within the gift, she became bubbly and excited all over again.

She is still excited and in an afterglow state.  I am sure she will thank 'sweet pea' using some form of our today's technology, but I want the pea to know she has made gma very happy, which makes me very happy.  I hope your day turns out to be bubbly and exciting also.

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