January 3, 2012

Fracking is such a cute little word

From the Wall Street Journal January 3, 2012 BY DANIEL GILBERT Ohio became the latest state to take action on the possible link between seismic activity and wells used to dispose of waste water from oil and gas production when state officials ordered a halt to the practice near Youngstown this weekend after several minor earthquakes. The wells, known as injection wells, have been proliferating in Ohio to accommodate growing volumes of waste water left over from hydraulic fracturing, which involves blasting water, sand and chemicals underground to break apart dense layers of rock to free up oil and gas. The state's move could stoke the political debate about hydraulic fracturing, ...

The Reader sez...  So now the consequences begin from fracturing mother earth and jamming chemicals and other waste products under layers of rock. But it's completely safe we're told. So states who are economically needy like Ohio grab at anything. Now we have 177 sites where they have jammed this completely safe waste product cocktail down into our backyards. That it is causing earthquakes, that could be telling us something. Fracking is such a cute little word. Only when you know its short for fracturing, as in fracturing the earth we live on, do we take it a little more seriously.

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