December 12, 2011

Election for President is not that far off.

It's almost election year and I'm unhappy with the way it's going. The republicans are whipping through their possible nominees like corn at harvest time. Mr. Cain was the latest to bite the dust which puts Mr. Gingrich in the lead.

Are they serious.

My God this guy is must be made of the toughest Teflon made. He is vulnerable from being in bed with the biggest and richest PAC's in Washington; casting off two wives in very public fashion; shutting down the government while speaker, and it goes on.

Romney seems to be nobodies favorite and it goes down from there.

On the other side of the coin we have poor tired, seemingly incompetent incumbent Barack Obama. Have you seen recent pictures of the man? He looks beat after three years. He has forgotten the promises he made three years ago or just can't get it done. Whatever. We have to vote for one of the candidates next year, and unless you are a party robot who only votes for whomever the party leaders tell you to vote for, then a decision is coming up, and I for one am already uncomfortable with that fact.

Could the democrats unseat a sitting president by running an open convention?

Could the republicans convince other qualified people to take the plunge, or is it too late?

It seems that the mood of the country is antagonism toward our current crop of politicians and would welcome a chance to replace those we can.

I, for one, know that I am ready. The republican and democratic names that seem destined to be on the ballot next year is not an inspiring bunch. The job facing the new administration will be daunting. There must be a man or woman out there up to the task.

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