October 28, 2011

Yeah yeah, it's been great

wilted garden

Yeah the changing seasons are great, but
as I get older I appreciate the season ing
on the food about as well.

It scares the bejesus out of me to count
birthdays and realize I'm counting down
instead of up.

I am saddened by the fact that I used to
enjoy playing tennis at high noon with
perspiration dripping off of me like the
Niagara river and now I have to separate
mowing my lawn into a morning and
afternoon event.

I do crossword puzzles not for the pure
enjoyment, but like a race. It's now a race
to fill in the blanks this minute because
I may not remember the answer tomorrow.

But even though each step requires some
payment from an angry joint, or muscles
that don't really work without a protest or two,
it has been fun and if it were possible to
re-enlist, if I could take Grandma with me
as a signing bonus, I'd love to have a go
at it.


A.V.blogger said...

nice garden i would have loved to see it in its prime

Hazel said...

Dear A.V.blogger, thank you, it was rather pretty in it's prime. I'll ask Jim to post a pic that I took when it was fresh. Next year I'll probably turn the space over to the hubby and he can do his thing. Tune in next year for the stunning results. :-)
The missus